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I Hear There's a Big Game Tonight...

There have been better played series in NBA history, but you would be hard pressed to find a more dramatic series.

Tonight, we'll see this amazing series reach its final conclusion.  I can't shake the feeling that we'll see a final game that deserves to be played off by the keyboard cat rather than replayed on ESPN Classic, but only because I've been let down by too many games in the past that didn't live up to the hype.  As long as tonight's game is half as exciting as Game 6 was, I think we'll be in for a good one.

CelticsBlog and Blog-A-Bull have your team specific coverage for tonight's game, and if you would like to talk about tonight's game and what free agents from these two teams you'd like to pursue in the off-season (Gordon? Big Baby Davis? STARBURY???) here's the place to do it.