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Open Thread: NBA Draft Lottery, aka our Super Bowl

So today is the day we've all been waiting for.  The day when we find out whether we get a franchise power forward, an electrifying point guard who may not fit in perfectly, or someone else way less intriguing and significant.  

It's also a day I've had circled on my calendar for a different reason.  Last Sunday, I graduated from college, concluding my crazy workload of a semester spent running the campus newspaper.  A two-day car-ride later, and I'm finally home, back in DC, ready to return to the blog full-time.  And let me tell you, I plan on making up for time missed in the coming months.    

Anyway, here's your open thread for the draft lottery tonight.  We'll get started at 8:30 and hopefully share in jubilation.  

By the way, I'm reading all the talk about conspiracy theories, and I'm hardly surprised, considering this franchise has sat through this process so many times with just one success story (2001) that was promptly wasted (Kwame Brown).  But let's get real folks; if the NBA were to really fix the lottery, they would do it in our favor.  We all know how David Stern feels about Abe Pollin, and with him ill and with his team stuck between mediocrity and semi-contender status, what better way to send Abe a parting gift than to give him Blake Griffin?  So while I don't believe the conspiracy theories, if I did, I would believe we'd get the first pick.  With New York second.  

Anyway, this is an open thread, so comment away.