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What 17.8% Looks Like

Everyone knows what tomorrow is all about.  After months of speculating about what we would do with each spot on the draft board, we'll finally figure out what we're working with tomorrow at 8.

I'm not a mathematician by any means, so I'm not going to tell you to go out and buy Blake Griffin jerseys right away, or get ready for a future of discussing what to do with the #5 pick.  But hopefully some of these links and visuals help everyone better understand what kind of odds we have tomorrow night in Secaucus.


- Javaris Crittenton only hit 14.3% of his three point shots with Washington this year, so the Wizards have a better chance of getting the top pick than we do of seeing this happen again:

- That 17.8% chance to get the top pick is just as good as your odds of seeing your Canadian car dealership do well.

- 17.8 percent is also the same at the usage rate of both Javaris Crittenton and Brendan Haywood.

- The Wizards have 178 chances in 1000 of getting the top pick this year.  That's one chance for every win in Hippo Vaughn's career.  One chance for every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Half of a chance for every candidate linked to the Sacramento coaching job.