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Pollin': Game of the Year

10/25/2008 - Wizards 124, Warriors 108: The Ed Tapscott era got off to a bang as JaVale McGee flushed an alley-oop on a on a set play off the tip. That set the tone for one of the Wizards' most impressive performances of the year. JaVale set the tone early, but Andray Blatche was the one who carried the weight the rest of way, finishing with 25 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 blocks.

12/29/2008 - Wizards 89, Rockets 87: Aside from being a win on the road (rare) against a Western Conference power (very rare) without the services of Caron Butler (super rare), this win was truly unique because the decisive shot came from none other than DeShawn Stevenson. As you would expect, dancing broke out in many parts of the city after the game.

1/4/2009 - Wizards 80, Cavaliers 77: All the talk after the game focused on LeBron's crab dribble, understandably. Lost in all the commotion after the game was the fact that the Wizards actually beat the best team in league, holding them to their second-lowest single game scoring output of the season.

It's a shame that the performance didn't get the attention it should've, but this will never get old.

2/8/2009 - Wizards 119, Pacers 117: Caron Butler and Danny Granger put together a duel for the ages (in a "we're both fringe All-Stars on lottery-bound teams trying to show why we deserve to be on the All-Star team" kind of way) that came down to a mano-a-mano battle in the closing seconds. As Danny found out, it's a good idea not to mess with a guy who has the flu.

2/27/2009 - Wizards 113, Chicago 90: Arguably the Wizards finest all-around performance of the season. Rumor has it there was a big Bulls fan in the crowd that night. He was a pretty cool guy though, he even sported a Cherokee Parks jersey at the game.


3/25/2009 - Wizards 95, Bobcats 93: It was probably the Wizards' ugliest win of the seaon, but without it, Washington would've gone winless in the Southeast Division for the season. If avoiding embarrassing records piques your interest, this was probably your favorite game of the season.

4//2009 - Wizards 108, Cavaliers 101: In a season where everything seemed to go wrong, this was the night where everything went right. Fans got to see Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood play and play well on national TV, Jamison dunked, Barkley was hushed, Darius Songaila was the hero, and LeBron was a witness to all of it. What more could you ask for?