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At the End of the Day, All You Have is Memories

The main focus of this post is a video which you can see at the bottom of this post.  Normally with videos I like to post them as a FanShot, add some witty comment, and then I just let you guys comment away because the video usually speaks pretty well for itself.  However with this video, I feel compelled to provide a little backstory before we get to the embeddable video goodness.

This July, I'm turning 21 years old.  I've seen the Wizards win one playoff series since I was born.  Now that I know I won't be seeing the Wizards win another playoff series before I'm legal, I find myself lthinking back at the one team that was able to break the mold.

Sure, fans from other teams are probably reading this and laughing right now.  I mean, how sad is it that the my favorite team's best season didn't even include a second-round playoff win?  Not only that, but until another team surpasses them, I have to live knowing that the best Wizards team that I've seen in my lifetime included Kwame Brown.

It might not be the most illustrious history ever, but it's ours.  When I look back at this 2004-05 squad, I'm sure that I get the same feelings that fans of other teams do when they think of the best squad from their favorite team, even though most, if not all of them went further in the playoffs than mine did.  Maybe that's wrong, but it's not going to stop me from being nostalgic when I see a highlight reel about the best Wizards team that I've seen in my lifetime.