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Guess Michael Lee owes me a gold star and a shot of grape drink, because I actually sat through the entire atrocity that was the Wiz-Cavs game last night....albeit, put it on pause to take a nap midway through.

This season can't be over soon enough......"me first" ball is spreading like a virus, as Jake already pointed out in Nick Young and Andray Blatche worrying about their points via Wiz Insider (and this wasn't the first sign).

This quote by Gilbert Arenas via The Washington Post was also "interesting" if you will....

When asked why he didn't want to stick it to the Cavaliers, who were hoping to extend their impressive home record, Arenas said, "I already did."

Now, I'm sure there was some sort of context involved, and Gil probably wasn't maliciously promoting "me first" ball, but in my opinion, the use of "I" is certainly a valid indicator of the environment.

Good luck next coach....better bring a mop and bucket with you.

Speaking of.....Wiz fans seem to be caught in a Catch-22 on this one. The team just might need a non-player's coach to break down this rag-tag bunch influenced by bad habit development, only to build them back up....military style.

Then again, such a staunch totalitarian might be counterproductive in channelling a zany card like Arenas, who struggles to get stories straight with himself, much less others.

Eddie Jordan seemed adept at letting Gil do his thing and then managing henceforth. I mean, if the team is resigned to the fact that "Gil will be Gil" in the fatalistic sense that "boys will be boys" and that Agent Zero should be taken with a grain of salt, wouldn't a "player's coach" be the best fit?

Not if this team wants to win.....then again, ya'll think Eddie Jordan is available?

Yep, can't wait until these last three games are over.

The Wizards marketing staff has already been pushing tickets with 'Determined to Deliver' taglines and heartfelt messages from Jamison and Butler set to soft piano music (which I do appreciate CB and AJ doing BTW).

But without a good driver to steer the truck, Wizards fans will never see any packages of winning hope delivered to their doorstep.

....especially when using scenes like the below to get fans to "commit" their hard earned loot to the franchise.

Heads hanging, no one is really paying attention, Jamison is about to get up before the end of Tapscott's spiel, the rest of the team appears to be absent....wish I could say this scene was a late season development, but it's been present all year, even back to the Eddie Jordan days.

Sorry to be the killjoy, but these are our unfortunate Wizards......that means we're due, right?


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