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Triple Overtime?

Some thoughts on game 6 between the Bulls and Celtics.



  • Triple overtime! How can game 7 compete with that?
  • Are the Celtics a "dirty" team? Certainly Rajon Rondo has had a couple of hard fouls. One on Miller, that was nowhere near a play on the ball in Game 5.... no matter what Boston fans may want to believe....  And tonight, he threw an elbow at Kirk Hinrich. (It will be interesting to see if the League suspends him - My money is on Rondo playing in Game 7 - but I'm one of those wacky NBA conspiracy theory guys). Kendrick Perkins tends to swing his arms dangerously if someone reaches in to try and tie up the ball after he gets a rebound. And how about KG and his "trash" talk, and more... I'm not ready to label them dirty, but they're certainly making a case for themselves in these Playoffs.
  • Yes, Chicago.... Rajon Rondo DID interfere with the basket on Hinrich's layup attempt. He may not have touched the ball in the cylinder, late in the 3rd overtime; but he DEFINITELY touched the rim. The rules state that basket interference is the violation of  touching the ball or any part of the basket while the ball is on the rim of the basket or within the cylinder extending upwards from the rim. Why did the Referees not call it? hmmmm...... NBA conspiracy theorists will have a field day with that one. AND how can the TBS announcers not know the rules? While they're arguing and trying to determine if Rondo touched the ball, the replay clearly shows his hand touching the rim...
  • Joakim Noah. Joakim effing Noah? Are you kidding me? He steals the ball from Paul Pierce, drives the length of the court, dunks, is fouled by Pierce (his 6th) - and then - most incredible of all - he made the free throw.
  • Sweet revenge for Brad Miller as he hit the final 5 points at the end of the game to send it into the 1st overtime... Plus, after missing that free throw in Game 5, he calmly made four clutch free throws down the stretch.... Every one was huge!
  • The more I watch Kirk Hinrich, the more I think he'd be a real nice fit with the Wizards. Funny, but when he played against the Wizards, I always hated the way he played defense. He's real pesky, while still playing good positional defense. He's smart, gritty and tough as hell. Not a bad 3-point shooter either; something the Wiz need. If I strip away my Wiz bias, I can see some of the intangible things Hinrich can bring to a team.