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A Wizard Fan's Perspective on Last Night's Capitals Game

  • Admittedly, I'm not a very big hockey fan.  It's not that I have anything against the sport, which I've always found to be very compelling, it's just that it runs at the same time as the basketball season does and basketball will always win that battle for my attention.  Still, it's been hard to ignore what this team has done this season and the buzz that they've created around the city.  Since the team was facing a do-or-die game, I figured it would be a nice time to finally check the team out on TV so I can understand what all my friends have been talking about.
  • Did anyone else notice how the Caps started their rise back to prominence once they changed back to the red, white, and blue?  Surely at a site called Bullets Forever, you can rest assured that's just a face-level observation and not a plea for the Wizards to bring back their old colors.
  • This probably goes without saying, but Capitals crowds are much better and louder than Wizards crowds.  I don't think anyone can argue this.
  • You can't say enough about Simeon Varlamov's performance last night.  For a rookie to come in and stop several quality shots from the Rangers very early on in the game.  He did end up letting one goal slip in, but only after denying several attempts that many rookies facing their first Game 7 likely would not have stopped.
  • I always find it interesting when I look at hockey boxscores how the best players only play 20-25 minutes per game.  I understand why they have to do it that way, but got me thinking about how much different the NBA would be if the top players only played 1/3rd of the game.  Could you imagine what it would be like if Gilbert, Caron, and Antawn could only play 16-20 minutes per game?  The pressure on general managers to put together a deep team and not just focus on getting a superstar 1A player would skyrocket.
  • For me, the best thing about last night's game is that it shows a team other than the Redskins can get some attention around D.C. from time to time. The Capitals have done an excellent job of creating a buzz about this team and getting people excited about hockey in the District.  Hopefully, the Wizards can take some tips from the Caps' strategies and implement them for next year.