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Pollin': Last Bullet?

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Yes, a photo exists of Ben Wallace without hair.
Yes, a photo exists of Ben Wallace without hair.

Detroit's loss on Sunday likely brought an end to a glorious era of Pistons basketball. It also reminds us of how close we are to the end of another era. We're closing in on the time when there will be no more Washington Bullets left in the NBA. Currently, there are only three players left in the NBA who at one time played for the Washington Bullets: Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, and Juwan Howard.

Ben Wallace still has one more year left on his contract in Cleveland, so there's no threat of him leaving the ranks anytime soon, but the picture is fuzzier for the other two. If it wasn't for Larry Brown's affection for veteran low post players, there's no guarantee that Howard would have survived this season and with the way things imploded down the stretch for Detroit, there's no guarantee that anyone will want to take the risk of signing Rasheed Wallace this summer. Kelly Dwyer's synosis of Wallace's performance this season won't have anyone jumping to make an offer:

Then again, there was Rasheed Wallace missing all seven of his attempts from the floor, scoring zero points, and pulling in five rebounds in 30 minutes (or, about what Thabo Sefolosha averaged this season per minute) before leaving the stadium without talking to the media. I'd call that a fitting end to a pathetic year from Rasheed, but he didn't get a technical foul, so that can't be right.


If I had to guess, I'd say the ball is Rasheed's court as to whether or not there will be more than one Bullet in the league. Contending teams always seem to attract veteran big men who are willing to play at a discount price for a shot at a ring. If Rasheed wants to give it another go to add a second championship belt to his collection, I think we'll see him in the league again next season. But alas, the decision is in your hands, readers.