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Webber's Jumper Sends the 92-93 Bullets to the Second Round

Webber pulled down a team-high 9 rebounds in the 94-95 Bullets' decisive Game 5 victory.
Webber pulled down a team-high 9 rebounds in the 94-95 Bullets' decisive Game 5 victory.

(Note: This is the first in a series of simulated playoff series to determine the worst team in franchise history in the Bullets Forever Epic Failoff. -Jake]

  • Game 1:  '93 Bullets 91 - '95 Bullets 105
  • Game 2: '93 Bullets 114 - '95 Bullets 97
  • Game 3: '95 Bullets 99 - '93 Bullets 85
  • Game 4: '95 Bullets 96 - '93 Bullets 92
  • Game 5: '93 Bullets 101 - '95 Bullets 102

WASHINGTON - Second-year forward Chris Webber nailed a clutch baseline jumper with 8 seconds to go as the 94-95 Bullets won Game 5 of the Bullets Forever Epic Failoff Quarterfinals and take the series 4-1.  The series victory sends the 5th seeded 92-93 Bullets to the Semifinals where they will face the loser of the 1 vs. 8 match-up.

After hitting the go-ahead bucket, Webber sealed the deal by stealing a Tom Gugliotta pass on the final possession.

Webber has had his share of naysayers in regards to his ability to perform in the clutch after his infamous timeout in the closing seconds of the 1993 NCAA Championship.

"It's been tough," said a relieved Webber after the game.  "I mean, tonight's shot doesn't make up for the past, but hopefully this clutch performance shows that I'm capable of stepping it up when it counts.  I'm looking forward to building on this legacy in the future."

The 92-93 Bullets will be going to the semifinals despite shooting a higher percentage from the field, from three-point range, and from the free throw line, as well as winning the rebounding battle.  "How does that happen?" inquired coach Wes Unseld after the game.  "I took some math classes in my day, and those numbers just doesn't seem to add up.  Maybe my abacus is broken."

Adding to the confusing numbers was the dazzling play of Michael Adams.  He had a game-high 21 points to go along with 12 assists and 7 rebounds in the losing effort.  "Even I can't figure out that one," said a dejected Adams after the game.

Adams may still be confused, but there's no doubt in Chris Webber's mind in regards to who won the battle at the power forward spot.  "He [Gugliotta] was never better than me," said Webber after the game.  "Not in high school, not in middle school, not ever.  And I think showing him up in this meaningless, simulated series just goes to prove that.