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Open Thread: Flip Saunders Press Conference

Today is the day we're formally introduced to the new coach of the Washington Wizards.  Obviously, we all knew that he'd be the coach a few weeks ago and knew that he was the frontrunner for the job long before that.  Now that everything's official we can begin to look forward to what changes he'll bring on the offensive end and if he can get this team to play defense at a respectable level.

Flip can't say anything right today that will save him if the team flounders next year.  Likewise, Flip can't say anything wrong that won't be absolved if the Wizards become an upper-echelon team next season.  Still, today is a very important day for the direction of the franchise.

I'll be in class while the press conference is taking place, but if you've got some free time this afternoon, the press conference will be streamed on the team website.  Once I get a chance to listen to press conference and read all the quotes, I'll be back with some thoughts, but until then, here's your place to discuss today's press conference.