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The Sky is the Limit, Unless JaVale Has Been Short-Changing us on his Vertical Leap

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Kevin Broom did some excellent stat-crunching on JaVale McGee's rookie season that's worth your time to read.

It's certainly no secret that JaVale McGee surpassed everyone's expectations this season and we're all excited about how he'll continue to grow as he gains experience.  Then again, it seems like every team has one of those players, so I've been trying to temper my excitement about his production this season.  It's been tough, but I think I've been able to accomplish that this season and not make a potentially outlandish statement that could cause an uproar at a blog for an opposing team.  Not that I'm saying anyone that writes for this site did that or anything.

But now that I see how his rookie numbers compare with other good-to-great centers in their rookie year, it's hard not to get excited about what the future holds for this guy.  There are still some things that need some work for sure (most of which don't show up in your traditional stat-sheet, which sounds cliché, but I think is applicable here) but most of it is stuff that can be improved with proper teaching while he's still at a point in his career where he's moldable.

At least we know the new coaching staff won't have to help JaVale with his athleticism.