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New Features and Stuff

Perhaps as you were posting your latest comment about one of my many typos you noticed that the preview and post buttons for comments are now rounded.  I'm not sure if that dramatically affected any of your lives, but it's just one of the new features that SB Nation rolled out today.

Another one is right above you.  We've now got a deal where we can used licensed AP photos in our posts, so you'll be seeing those more often.

Finally, the team and player pages have now been revamped and provide more content and posts from other SB Nation sites that relate to the team or player you're interested in finding out more about.

Of course, most of you are probably still fixated on those rounded buttons, but hopefully you'll take some time to check out some of the other new features that have been released today.  Hopefully they'll make your stay here at Bullets Forever that much more enjoyable.