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Joe Cool: Wizards Game 60 Blog vs. Atlanta Hawks

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Caron Butler....out, among others. Dominic McGuire is the starting two, going along with Mike James, Antawn Jamison, Andray Blatche, and Darius Songaila.

The Hawks.....tired after not arriving in DC until 6:45 am and losing to the Cavs in the ATL by one point the night before.

Who will have energy?


ATL Poss 1: Al Horford beats both Andray Blatche and Darius Songaila for an offensive board and put-back.
ATL Poss 2: Hawks break, Josh Smith major dunk.
ATL Poss 3: Smith paint runner on AJ.

Andray Blatche has fallen in love with the J and has luckily hit two. 6-4 Hawks.....and then Andray bumbles an easy pass on the break.

9:21: Mike Woodson looks very sad/tired.

Remember kids, in the NBA, kick balls must be intentional to warrant a whistle -- that should translate to casual pickup games among mere mortals.

7:37: Wiz have played great D on the last couple of possessions, moving to spots well as Atlanta swings the ball around the court....unfortunately, this time ends in a Josh Smith jumper at the shot clock buzzer. 8-6 Hawks.

5:30: Neither team seems offensively comfortable at this point. 10-10 tie.

4:00: Hawks get 5 straight on a Marvin Williams runner over AJ and a Mike Bibby three as the Wiz are scrambling trying to cover mismatches. 15-10 Hawks.

3:52: JaVale McGee checks in for D-Song.

2:38: McGee shows no court awareness or respect in the passing ability of Mike Bibby who finds a seam that JaVale left open for Al Horford - c'mon kid, gotta have more active hands.

2:09: Blatche hits his 3rd jumper, 4-4 total FGs, 8 points. 19-16 Hawks.

There's a Lady Zaza sighting.

Mike James hits a nice FT line J off a Jamison pick....Wiz get a steal and James just missed a three at the buzzer. 24-22 Atlanta after one.


Nick Young, Javaris Crittenton, Songaila, McGee and McGuire to start the 2nd.

11:00: Kids look like they have the idea of ball movement, but a tough baseline turnaround J from McGuire is not ideal.

10:30: Young tries to dribble in a tight spot....turnover.

10:00: Easy as a Marvin Williams three and it's a 7-2 Hawks run to start the 2nd -- timeout Tapscott.

9:17: JaVale blocks a Horford turnaround, McGuire recovers....McGee sprints, McGuire runs the transition right down the middle like he should and finds an open passing lane for Crittenton who throws down a stuff. 31-26 Hawks.

McGee is throwing a lot of intimidation Al Horford's way.

6:39: Blatche checks back in to join McGee, Jamison, James and Young.

6:05: Wiz are bobbling the ball everywhere, shot clock running down, but James uses his vet savvy to get to the hoop and draw a foul. 1-2 FTs - 37-29 Hawks.

Nick Young wasn't doing much.....see ya. Return Crittenton who gets penetration to the hoop and the rock to McGee for a dunk.

4:31: McGuire picks a bad Hawks pass....plays with his head up and gets a long pass to Crittenton who gets another dunk in transition. 38-33 Hawks. 6 assists for the Taser already.

3:54: McGuire ties his career high 7th assist on a lob to Jamison. 40-35 Hawks.

3:13: Wiz create an overload, Jamison with the ball on the left wing....swings it to James who hesitates then drives and finds McGee in the short corner who skies for the dunk And1. Only someone JaVale's length could have covered that distance.

2:56: Maryland's Vasquez at game.

2:28: Crittenton is tearing up after missing the last game with the flu.....leaps to somehow put a short Jamison miss back in one motion. 43-40 Hawks.

The Wizards have simply been out working the Hawks for the past couple minutes....what a rarity to see from this team.

1:03: Jamison trey ball and the Wiz take their first lead 45-43.

Minor confusion from Wiz D to end the half as Marvin Williams gets a corner trey. Still, a 16-8 run to close out the 2nd thanks to McGee (7 pts.), Crittenton (4-5 FG, 8 pts., 3 rebs.), McGuire (8 assists, 0 turnovers), Jamison (13 pts.), and James (7 pts.) -- with a lil' Blatche (8 pts.) on the side too.

46-45 Hawks at the half....keep reading.


10:16: McGuire gets caught amidst a mess of players and Joe Johnson gets wide open for two. 50-47 Hawks.

9:43: Jamison forgets about Marvin Williams....three ball. Of course, Blatche needs to hustle more around his own pick so Jamison doesn't have to help so much on his man driving with the ball.

9:16: Blatche attempts a post move and fumbles the ball away.....NEED. MORE. BALL. MOVEMENT.

Jamison has been working hard on offense though....the Hawks D is starting to focus on him, but the Wiz can only take advantage about a third of the time.

7:06: McGuire leads the transition off a Hawks turnover and finds Songaila at the right place and the right time. 9 assists for McGuire, 8 points for D-Song. 55-53 Hawks.

6:24: Here we go again, more stagnant offense courtesy of Andray Blatche dribbling around then throwing up some crap.

5:15: McGuire with a pretty two dribbles....Hawks leave him space....and smooth jumper - arc and release looked great on that one. 59-57 Hawks.

4:30: Andray Blatche started hot, and now he's taking a lot of shots....he's somewhat aggressive in getting to the basket, but hey, how about finishing a basket sometime?

3:49: Four straight vet points by Jamison. Tied at 61. 19 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assist for AJ.

2:47: Weird....JaVale McGee slams in a Mike Bibby miss....he went for the rebound and just jammed the damn ball right in the Hawks' basket.

1:45: Andray Blatche long jumper....contested too....and he's not Garnett....miss.

1:21: But Dray does run the court and get a Crittenton layup miss put-back. Andray Blatche is the scarecrow....if he only had a brain.

The Hawks have a potent 1-2-3 punch between Johnson, Marvin Williams, and Horford.

0:35: Nick Young three miss......yep, not his night and if he's not scoring, you know he's pretty much not going to contribute anywhere else.

The Hawks end the 3rd with a 10-2 run to go up 71-63.


Crittenton, Young, McGuire, McGee & Songaila start the 4th.

Wizards start with a steal and Nick Young gets the ball knocked away from him going to the hoop.

10:58: Crittenton takes a jumper that looks out of rhythm...miss.

Marvin Williams is hot and McGuire is not pressuring him enough....jumpers. 75-63 Hawks.

9:51: And Nick Young takes a seat, hopefully the end of his uselessness for the night.

9:22: McGee tries to take it against Horford, but shied away from contact with contortionist movement....crazy miss. C'mon kid, try to draw the foul.

Flip Saunders on Phil Chenier's mind? He accidentally calls Flip Murray the name of the coach.

7:31: Marvin Williams is still killing (25 points).....but Mike James stops the bleeding with a three. 81-69 Hawks.

7:17: Nick Young and Blatche return for a fatigued McGuire and Songaila....wish I could say the entrants will hustle like those going to the bench.

6:30: Joe Johnson makes abuse of Nick Young look easy....2 times in a row. 87-71 Hawks. Young is just letting Johnson march right into the lane.

4:34: Jamison makes two FTs to keep the Wiz within 10....need stops.....but not when Young is guarding Johnson...2 FTs for him. 91-79 ATL.

3:49: Wiz trying to double...Andray Blatche lazily.....NOTHING like when Songaila does it.....Hawks find Marvin Williams for a basket (28 points for him)....and you can call this a game. 94-79 ATL

0:54: Sweet athletic reverse slam by JaVale McGee.....exciting player, but too little too late when up against the calm and collective Joe Johnson.

Final: 98-89 Hawks - Box