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Hump Day Poll: Pick or JaVale

via flickr/Keith Allison

No Wizards fan wants to choose between keeping JaVale McGee or the assumed upcoming high draft pick.

Despite Ernie Grunfeld's hints at not worrying about the luxury tax, and Abe Pollin's insistence that he's "not gonna quit," having to select between one or the other has shades of probability (and if not McGee, then someone else like Nick Young or Andray Blatche -- but the value of Epic Vale is the focus of this poll).

Essentially, "in this economy," the last year contracts of Etan Thomas and Mike James might not be that valuable this summer (together or by themselves) and the Wizards may have to entice another team with prospects or a draft pick (which may also garner an experienced role player for the Wiz).

[Remember: Etan is set to make $7,354,500 million next season and will most likely not enact his early termination option (ETO); Mike James has a player option for $6,466,600 million and most likely will take it.]

Note on Exercise Period: Any ETO must be exercised prior to the July 1 immediately prior to the Effective Season of such ETO. Any Option must be exercised prior to the July 1 immediately prior to the Season covered by the Option, except that an Option in favor of a player who would become a Restricted Free Agent if the Option were not exercised must be exercised prior to the June 25 immediately prior to the Season covered by such Option. For more, go to

So, all that jibber-jabba being said, and as the issue was essentially brought up in this discussion, which do you value most?