Praise for JaVale McGee from a Kings Fan


A commenter on SacTown Royalty, twasserm, an obvious Kings fan and east coast dweller who went to Sunday's game, had some nice praise for JaVale McGee: If Javale McGee were on the Kings, we would all love him. He’s a skinny but really athletic big who plays with the same expression on his face that Donté has on his. A few calls went against him and he didn’t sulk or let the frustration affect how he played. When McCants hugged him on the break and McGee made a circus shot anyway, you could tell how much all of his teammates loved the guy. He’d be like last year’s Mikki Moore with better hands, upside, a future, and a rookie contract. If Washington is looking to unload salary this summer but wants to keep their draft pick, I would be thrilled if they’d give us McGee to take Etan Thomas’ contract. I might take Nick Young also (he’s what McCants would be if McCants were a few inches taller, a bit smarter of a player, and not a thug), but I’d be thrilled if they’d give us McGee. Of course, if McGee were traded just to get rid of Etan's undesirable contract, the brick coming out of all our butts would be mighty painful.