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I've noticed lately that my posts have become increasingly negative. I've harped on poor Coaching. I've posted on what I perceived to be bad rotations. I've posted on poor 3-point defensive schemes; bad defensive efforts by Jamison and James;  inconsistent minutes and retarded player development. I've talked about the folly of changing from an Offensive minded coach to a Defensive minded "Interim" Coach; even though we don't have any good defensive players.

 I gotta drink some Kool Ade or something.... get my positive vibe back.

I know why the Wizards suck this year... and it's not because our "young" players are not giving effort.... It's not because there's no NBA talent on the roster. And it's not because the players don't care. And it's not just all about the Coaching either.

I remember talking to Phoenix Stan on Bright Side Of The Sun before the Phoenix game. There was a quote on their blog about the Wizards that said it was  "difficult to imagine a team caring less about winning or playing the game the right way ". I was kind of ticked off about that. I can't believe that anyone that has watched the Wizards could say that. I asked Stan where would the Suns be if they lost Nash, Shaq, and well, essentially everyone except Amare and the last 6 guys on the bench? I told him it's not that Washington is not trying; or that they've given up. The problem is that the Wizards have lost 6 of their top 8 players to injury. THAT is where Washington is right now

It's because our Starting All-NBA Second team Point Guard is injured -
AND, our Starting All-Star Small Forward is sick -
AND, our Starting Center is injured -
AND, our Starting Shooting Guard and best perimeter defender is injured -
AND, our Back-up Center is injured -
AND, the first Back-up Big Man (PF/C) off the bench is injured -
AND, the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th players at the end of the bench are playing major minutes
AND, because we traded a steady back-up PG for a shot jacking Mike James

So, when the Wizards get blown out by 21 points by a healthy Denver team; a Denver team with better personnel; a Denver team with a real (not Interim) Coach; I need to remember those facts. This is where the Wizards belong  - at the bottom of the Association, fighting to win 20 games this year. It's not because Jamison didn't play any defense. It's not because JaVale didn't block out. It's not because Mike James jacked up a long 2-pointer after one pass with 18 seconds left on the shot clock. It has nothing to do with those little individual things that happen during the games; but rather the bigger picture. The injury picture.

I just say to myself:
What if Cleveland lost LeBron, Ilgauskas, Mo Williams, Delonte West and Anderson Varejao? Where would they be?
What if L.A. lost Kobe Bryant, Luke Walton, Andrew Bynum (I know), Derek Fisher and Sasha Vujacic? Would that be a playoff team?
Where would Boston be if they lost KG, Perkins, Allen, Rondo, Powe and Eddie House?

I just gotta keep telling myself those FACTS. I gotta keep saying that my team will be better; that we'll be relevant again; that they'll play with swagger again; once we're healthy. I gotta believe it. I have to believe it. It's true right?