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A Summer League Game: Wizards Game 50 Blog vs. Denver Nuggets

Antawn Jamison has no hope.


Crittenton gets the start for Butler....and not Nick Young. Mike James, Songaila, Jamison and McGuire are hanging too.


Jamison takes it on the Chauncey Billups mismatch and over Nene to start. Man, that guy has no quit (until he gets on defense).

Small Wiz lineup tells us that Denver is switching on all ball says Hubie Brown.

9:27: Hey Crittenton hits a two...doesn't look like he gets a ton of lift on his shot though. 6-4 Wizards.

Dahntay Jones is killing Mike James to start.....all 2-point jumpers. He has Denver's first 6 points.

Grandpa Hubie says that 12 Wizards losses by 6 points or less points is "encouraging"

8:16: Jones is just jumping right over James and nailing Js....hasn't even dribbled yet. 4-4 FGs - 10-8 Nuggets.

Fast-Paced start to the game -- each team has 14 with 5:30 left....Wiz are moving the ball well. Mike James' D is meh.

4:00: Jamison gets a Mike James gets a trey. What is this I hear? Cheers from the 8K in the Verizon? Wiz up 21-14.

Of course, the Wiz have had a couple careless be expected I suppose.

2:54: Carmelo J and then back to back dunks by K-Mart and Birdman....Hubie calls Jamison out for taking a bad shot. Just like that, it's 21-20 Wiz.

Anthony dunk....easy when he's allowed to get position down low. That's three jams in a row.

ESPN goes 'inside the huddle' - Tapscott has to remind his team that the keys are defense and driving the ball....our team is led by the Captain of the USS Obvious. Then again, guess you have to remind the young guys....even though these are basic principles of basketball.

0:19: Uh oh...Hubie calls Dominc McGuire out for body language after he got an offensive foul called against was a good call, he had his arm out on 'Melo.

16-2 Nuggets run to close the first.....30-23 Denver.


15 consecutive Nugget points after Pecherov fouls Birdman for two FTs.....things got a little testy on that one two. I'm not sure who would win between Big Oily and the B-Man. 35-23 Denver.

10:56: McGee fade...bucket. Man, that guy will take the toughest shots.....he ain't passing the ball out the post.

10:17: Anderson dunk...McGee's man.

10:00: McGee bad off-balance double clutch shot, miss. That's cool....get yours kid.

Great, the youth are playing.....but how does that help their development when they can't be made to care and are playing for themselves?

9:36: Nuggets have 6 dunks so far.

The Wiz look like they're trying to hustle on offense......but not on the other half of the court.

7:11: Dunks, dunks, dunks.

New Slogan: Character, Commitment, Connection, Hanging of Heads.

Wiz taking a pickup game attitude...playing for self (it's as if I can't iterate this enough). Way to go Tapscott

6:15: Ha! Ha! Funny guys.....good one! (every player on the Wizards bench NOT in uniform is laughing at something.....the rest look grim as all get out) 49-35 Nuggets

5:18: Dom McGuire with a nice oop dunk from Dixon.

Kleiza drives it right down Jamison's throat from the corner for a bucket.....Jamison then, a bit off balance, pushed McGee out of his way. Guess it's the Rooks fault that your defense stinks likeBigfoot's D*ck. 51-35 Nugs.

Hubie Brown is calling out McGee for going soft on Nene.....C'mon kid, get some viagra or something. So what if you get a foul....if you don't get physical, Nene's gonna keep rolling over you. (Good point by Grandpa Hubie)

Layup drill by Nugs.

Please, get rid of Tapscott and get a coach who will whip these soft MFs into shape!!!!

0:34.9: Hey....Crittenton takes a give and go from AJ and dunks it...nice work kid.

Wiz had the ball with 9 seconds left...can't even get off a shot. 68-48 Denver at the half.



Granted, the Wizards 2nd unit consists of four players (Young, Pecherov, McGee and Dixon), but they are 2-14 from the field with 5 points. In contrast, the Nuggets 2nd unit is 12-18 with 31 points.

10:28: Songaila traveled....K-Mart slapped the shit out of his arm anyway.....god I wish that D-Song would smack the hell out of that arrogant S.O.B.

"Right now they're just running a drill" -Hubie Brown after a lob dunk for Denver. 78-50 Nuggets.

Any team that loses to the Wizards for the rest of the season should be ashamed of themselves.

7:09: McGee gave a fairly hard foul to Martin. Unfortunately, he got scared and tried to help Martin up. NO KID NO!! It doesn't matter if it was an unjust hard WALK AWAY. Don't ever show a soft/regretful side...eff K-Mart. Martin swatted McGee's arm away and let some of his teammates help him up.

Of course, Hubie wants the Wiz to commit "tough" fouls...they only have 9 players.

6:16: D-Mac gets another dunk...good look by Dixon. 84-57 Nugs.

Hubie does like that McGee is a bit more active in the 3rd.

3:30: Game is still happening and stuff. Dixon's FTs make it 95-63 Denver.

Disappointed in the boo birds at Verizon.....guess the place is so empty, you can't really hear them. Quarter ends with Denver up 102-70.


These are some of the laziest passes I've ever seen.

Excuse the infrequency (not sure why I'm apologetic)...I'm game blogging, twittering, game thread commenting, and putting butter on bread (no, really, I am) at the same time.....oh, and drinking...not that that's encourage by BF.

10:39: JR Smith hits a shot.....Nick Young gets called by Grandpa Hubie out for not even trying to step out on him. 104-72 Denver.

9:37: Young pass to Opec for three! Wiz down 104-75.

9:13: Jamison coming back in? Huh? -- Guess he's got to give others a rest. Eff 'em.

Nick Young is proving that he can be down 30 or so points, and be the only one taking shots..and score. Good for him, he's got 13.

7:00: Pam McGee ain't happy. At least she's not Iverson's mom...wearing her son's jersey and sh*t....or even LeBron's mom (we all know how she acted a fool).

5:49: Nick Young trey.....more good for him. 113-87 Wiz.

5:27: Nick Young gun miss.

Ball movement is zippo.

3:24: Crittenton is great in the open floor......Hubie Brown noticed that at Ga Tech.

Other guy (than Hubie) just relates that the Nugs were getting involved in the wave. Classy. They then show it on was K-Mart....What. A. Dick.

1:44: Pecherov....splash. 122-99 Nugs.

And we get reminded that the Nugs were down 7 midway through the 1st....and then were up by 7 after 1.

0:11.9: Nick Young getting his ya'll - 20 garbage points.

The final is an obscene 124-103 Nuggets -- and that score was much closer than the game actually was. Box Score