McGuire's coming on strong

This season has obviously been disappointing, but the biggest bright spot up to this point has arguably been the improved play of Dominic McGuire.

McGuire has played in at least 33 minutes in his last five games, and he's grabbed at least 10 rebounds in four of the five. He scored at least 10 points in three of those games and blocked at least one shot in each game.

McGuire will never be a big scorer, but he has improved his ability to knock down open jump shots just inside the three-point line. Combine that with his ability to rebound, block shots, and play defense, and the Wizards may have a younger and better improvement over DeShawn Stevenson.

Unlike Stevenson -- of last year -- McGuire can't consistently knock down threes, but he's a better rebounder and at least on the same level defensively -- if not better. Just look what his defense did to Ben Gordon last night: 3-14 shooting, 11 points.

I'm glad that he got a chance, and I hope Nick Young gets a similar opportunity to showcase his abilities for more than a few games in a row before the season is over.

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