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Thumbs Up: Wizards Game 54 Blog vs. Minnesota T'Wolves

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Well, here we go, the back end of the of 29.

The good news: we may get a peek at Andray Blatche tonight. As a professed Blatche hater (well, not really), I'm really pulling for a strong showing for the rest of the season.


Well, the first shot is by Mike James, an open three set up by minor penetration....and he makes it. How 'bout that?

9:00: Wiz get a steal....Butler and Jamison run the break....Antawn misses a tough shot, but there's Dominic McGuire, doing a great job running the floor with the follow. 7-2 DC.

6:30: The Wiz only have 12 points for far (Minny with 7) but I really like the way they're moving the ball -- I'm seeing dribble penetration and a pass....or quick passes after a pass to get the D moving.

First time seeing Kevin Love in an NBA setting. He's a bigger body than I thought....almost an opposite hour glass shape -- 6 boards so far with 4:30 left in the first.

Huh, Mark Madsen is still in the league? Remember how he was the "Mad Dog" at Stanford?

Aaaaand it looks like JaVale McGee has gone Mohawk on us.....or as least an abnormally high fade. He looks like Lance Corporal Hal Dawson from A Few Good Men.

You gotta love the change of pace that Crittenton provides when he comes in the game.....the type of guy who can just grab a rebound and go.

0:35: Case in point: McGee help-side block, McGuire recover, gets to the ball to Javaris in the middle who jets and passes to AJ who draws a foul. 25-14 Wiz.

0:33: Butler picks Miller's pocket....and dunk. 27-14.

10-2 run closes the first. Butler with 8 points (3 steals), Jamison with 10 pts (5 boards) -- 27-16 Wizards (6 team ASSISTS)...good ol' times (so far).


11:31: Andray makes an appearance with a long open two. 29-16 Wiz.

10:40: Old Blatche flashback.....jumps in the air, no one to pass to.....turnover.

Chris Miller and Phil Chenier exchange words on the fresh legs of the Wizards.

9:27: of the better moves I've seen McGee make -- corner left wing against Love.....faces up....jabs baseline and dribbles right into the paint....uses his length to get towards the hoop, and his arms to get a long sweeping scoop shot at the rim and over Love. 33-19 Wiz.

7:00: Crittenton again with a good dribble in traffic and leaves the ball for Andray with a running for a dunk. In general, Andray looks a little ginger when running, but he's hustling. Wiz up 16.

(Shhhh....don't tell anyone, but this team looks fun to watch)

5:29: Even Songaila is getting in on the action with post position and an abuse of Love. 42-26 Wiz.

You have to wonder about the purpose of Mike James now.......warm body?

Wiz are playing really well, but they still need to do a better job of taking care of the ball - a bit careless a couple times.

1:30: And in tune with that, a turnover and a 19 point lead suddenly has been cut to 11 - 47-36 Wiz.

0:55: "Amazing how the wheels can come off for a team so quickly" says Steve Buckhantz....another turnover and move points prompts Tapscott to call a timeout. Lead down to 7, 47-40 Wizards. -- Hey, what did we expect?

For the record: 1 turnover in the first quarter, and the Wiz just committed their 9th of the 2nd quarter (illegal screen by McGee - his 3rd foul).

JEEZ....the Wiz were up NINETEEN with 3:38 left and are now only up 5 with 35 seconds left. (and another turnover....Crittenton with too much dribbling).

Wiz would get a tech FT (Telfair) and a Blatche bucket to go into the locker room up 51-42.

Minny shot 28.9% FG - Wiz at 47.5% - but committing 10 turnovers in the 2nd and giving up 11 offensive boards is a killer.



11:22: Turnover on 1st possession (bad pass Songaila) doesn't help anything.

10:44: Songaila picks up his 4th foul early....more JaVale McGee.

10:10: Butler gets it slapped away on a break, but Janitor (errr...Custodian) Jamison there to clean up the mess. 53-27 Wiz.

8:40: Only takes this long for the Wolves to cut it to one and some boo-birds start to fly in the Verizon. 55-54 Wiz.

4:00: Game goes back and forth....until Mike James hits a three set up by McGuire. 70-65 Wiz.

These teams like each other a lot....very cordial, always helping each other up, etc.

Brian Cardinal scores 7 straight for Minny.....not good. Tied at 74 with 1:13 left.

The 3rd ends tied at 76.


Nick Young has been relatively quite this game.....only a single point to speak of.

Songaila is bodying up against the HUGE Craig Smith and draws a back-down 5 second call -- haven't seen that all year, if ever.

Crittenton is looking great.....again.

8:50: Yuck...terrible Butler cross-court pass attempt ends in a turnover, the Wizards 16th. Tie game at 80.

Two times the Wiz try to force the ball to a cutting Butler....and both times a turnover - 18 total turnovers, waaaaay too much.

5:17: The Wolves go up 92-86 and we look like we're on the verge of a Groundhog Day showing.

4:27: Butler hits an open three to stop the bleeding. 94-91 Minny.

3:45: Nice....Butler drive....pass to McGuire in the deuce. See were some penetration and ball movement can get you? 96-93 'Sota.

2:02: Tough drive and hoop by Crittenton.....the water in those veins is getting colder. 98-97 Wolves.

1:26: Butler drive in traffic and another kick out to the open man....MIKE JAMES FOR THREE! 100-98 Wiz.

1:07: Love ball screen for Telfair....McGuire and Crittenton switch....Dom leaves too much room....Telfair trey ball. 101-100 Wolves.

0:55: A 'Wait, NO!' made long two for Crittenton. Well, they left him I guess it was a good shot. Hell, it was great to see the kid make it with confidence. 102-101 Wiz.

0:28: Wiz get the ball back...Crittenton drive....Mike James in the corner. TREY BALL! Pecherov does some sort of dance onto the court at the team goes into the timeout. 105-101 Wiz.

Good News: Blatche hits two FTs to seal the game. 107-101.

Bad News: Butler leaves the game early to go to the locker room......he might have hurt something getting a board before the last James three.

Wiz ultimately win 111-103.