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Wizards Got You Down?

Here we are, taking a break. And instead of talking about playoff runs and possible trades that may help, we're discussing how to shed salary and the draft. Yuck.

Yep, the Wiz are down and out at the break. The last time the team only had 11 wins at All-Star weekend was in '94-'95 (when they were still called the Bullets), and those 11 wins were only against 34 losses. This time, we have 42 losses.

The lowest win% (and wins) the franchise has "achieved" was back in '61-'62 when the team was known as the Chicago Packers (18-62, .225) -- the very first season ever.

But if the Wiz only went 7-22 the rest of the way, they'd be the worst in franchise history (only played 80 games back in the day).

So, I'd say the goal is to go at least 9-20 to beat out that '00-'01 team that went 19-63.

But surely, many of you will be rooting for as few wins as possible in order to get more lottery balls (or computerized "chances" -- or whatever they do now) on that fateful day in late May.

Fugettabout're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

Unless.....the question is, who will the Wizards be sending to the draft "lottery" as a good luck charm? Hopefully the team will have a vote, and if they do, I'd like to nominate JaVale McGee's mom.

Yep, Woe is us.

Well, then let's just go back to that great shot Caron Butler hit last Sunday.


This is just a frame-by-frame account, you can head over to Truth About It for the entire game slide show.