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Abe Pollin public memorial tonight - please send me any stories you have about Abe

So tonight is the Abe Pollin public memorial event at the Verizon Center.  The event will begin at 7 tonight and will feature speeches from NBA commissioner David Stern, Wes Unseld, Earl Monroe, Antawn Jamison and others.  The event is free and open to the public, so if you aren't doing anything tonight, I strongly encourage you check it out.

I will be in attendance as media, meaning I'll be in my usual Section 104 spot (most likely).

Abe Pollin touched many people personally with his generosity.  I never personally communicated with him, but I have heard several stories about how he has helped out people in time of need and in other interactions.  If any of you have interacted with him and have any stories to share, I really would like to hear them.  I encourage you to either send me an e-mail (mikeprada1 AT gmail DOT com), post them in the comments section here or, if you're there tonight, tell me in person.  This strikes me as Abe's defining legacy and I would like to hear about different examples of that.  I'm going to try to round up some of these stories tomorrow and post them on the site.

Reminder: 7 p.m. tonight, Verizon Center.  This will also be tonight's open thread for the event, which I'm not sure is being televised.