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Pregame discussion: Who deserves what percentage of the blame pie?

As a precursor to tonight's game thread for the Memphis game, I wanted to gage the community's opinion on who is to blame for the Wizards' slow start.

Let's assume that you have a pie that you need to split three ways.  The three sections must accurately mirror who you believe deserves blame for the situation (i.e. the players get 50% of the pie because they are 50% to blame for the situation).  Let's say that the party in question needs to eat the entire section of the pie they get (I know this is a bit counterintuitive - it would seem you'd want more of the pie than less - but let's assume that the portions are so large that if someone were to eat them, they would feel sick).  

What percentage of the blame pie do you give to the following parties:

  • The players
  • Flip Saunders and the coaching staff
  • Management (I won't say Ernie Grunfeld exclusively because it's possible multiple people are making the decisions behind the scenes)
Is this exercise a little convoluted?  Probably.  But I'm really curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this.