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Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors: Regular Season Game 24 Open Thread

The Essentials:

Wizards (7-16) vs. Warriors (7-18)
10:30 p.m.
Oracle Arena
Radio: 106.7 The Fan

Notable Warriors numbers this season

26th in expected winning percentage (.345)
1st in pace (100.9 possessions per game)
21st in offensive efficiency/offensive rating (104.9)
25th in defensive efficiency/defensive rating (109.8)

Pre-game links

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Warriors World
Tim Kawakami's blog for the San Jose Mercury
This is sad: Hollinger says the Warriors' long-term situation is better than the Wizards'
Wizards Insider: The Other Side, Warriors
Gameday Golden State

Tonight's Projected Starters
Wizards vs. Warriors
Gilbert Arenas
PG Stephen Curry
DeShawn Stevenson
SG Monta Ellis
Caron Butler
SF Anthony Morrow
Antawn Jamison
PF Corey Maggette
Brendan Haywood

Chris Hunter

I'm concerned. Golden State is awful, don't get me wrong. They're starting Vladimir Radmanovic, who doesn't try on defense. They're going to give minutes to Chris Hunter, who I haven't even heard of.

But they're also the fastest-paced team in the league, by nearly four possessions. I haven't seen a team finish the season at the century mark in possessions since I've been blogging, so it's extremely rare to play this fast. The Wizards have displayed some awful transition defense this road trip (and really all season). Combine the fastest team in the league with the worst transition team in the league, and you get bad things.

Otherwise, though, we should win. It's an ESPN game, and Golden State's a tough place to play, but I don't see any way they stop us tonight. Watching Gilbert and Monta go at it will be fun (Hollinger, Arenas may be overpaid, but he does not provide "midlevel production." Pay more attention please). Jamison should own Radmanovic and the undisciplined Anthony Randolph, and Butler might actually get it going when he goes against Morrow, Radmanovic and Corey Maggette. It's all about transition D, though, and transition D has been awful.