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Getting involved in ESPN Insider's "Submit a play" contest

Everyone's first reaction to the news that ESPN Insider is running a contest where you can submit an inbounds play for the Wizards to run during a game should be to mock it.  Hey, we're 7-15, and it's so bad that we're asking fans to do our job for us!  And you're right, it should be mocked, at least initially.

But at the same time ... doesn't this present a pretty cool opportunity for us?  I mean, we all want the team to succeed, and we all would probably love a chance to help the team succeed directly, so this seems right up our wheelhouse.  I venture to say that BF is a sampling of the most knowledgeable Wizards fan around, so the team should be looking to us for help if they can.

Therefore, I'm proposing that we get involved with this project.  I could see us doing this one of two ways (which aren't necessarily mutually exclusive).  Unfortunately, according to the rules, group entries aren't allowed, though I'm sure we could circumvent that process and submit it under a person's name when really we came up with it together.

  1. You all submit your plays to me, and then I choose one of them to represent the community.  This is the most practical approach, but it's also the least collaborative. 
  2. We just talk about it together and bounce ideas off each other, then submit several plays separately.  The good - there's a better chance they actually pick up one of our plays.  The bad - we might compete with each other too much. 

What do you guys think?  Some of the important rules for the contest are below the jump.  Deadline is December 23.  Let me know what you'd do and please start cracking on some ideas for the play (or plays). 

Fax: 212-515-1285
Snail Mail: 19 E. 34 St., 7th flr, New York, NY, 10016 (ATTN: Otto Strong)

Please be sure to include the subject line "Inbounds" on any submissions.


To Enter: Send an email to, or a fax to (212) 515-1285 (hereafter "Entry" or "entry"), with the subject line "Inbounds", describing (preferably including a diagram) an inbounds play that sponsor/Wizards feel has a likelihood for success. All entries must: 1) Be no more than [500] words in length; 2) Be the original creation of the entrant 3) Be suitable for publication; and 4) Written in English. To be eligible for judging, the content of your story must not be: offensive, immoral, defamatory, obscene, profane, violent or destructive in nature in any way. The content of Entry must be kept in concert with Sponsor's image. In the event of non-compliance with any of the terms of these Contest Rules, entry will be void as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Modification of an existing work does not qualify as original. Limit one (1) entry per person.

To Submit an Entry: Beginning at 5:00 PM Eastern Time ("ET") on 12/16/09 submit your Entry via email to, or fax to (212) 515-1285. All Entries must be received by 5:00PM ET on 12/23/09. Each entry, regardless of method of submission, must contain at least one (1) valid e-mail address or telephone number at which entrant can be contacted. The individual named in the email or fax may be deemed the entrant ("Entrant"). No group entries or entries on behalf of others will be allowed.