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The Dagger Report, Episode 5: Blogger-To-Journalist edition

The Dagger Report returns after a brief hiatus with what I believe is our best show yet. 

In this week's edition, we talk to Mike Jones, our ace beat reporter for the Washington Times.  We talk about his background, his experiences covering the team (particularly Gilbert Arenas) and what he feels is the club's biggest problem this season. 

As some of you may know, the Washington Times is undergoing some massive changes right now, which include the cutting of the entire sports section.  Unfortunately, this means that Jones' days on the Wizards beat are numbered.  He says in the podcast that he will be continuing until the end of the month, at which point, he will no longer be on the beat. 

I think we all can say that Jones has done an outstanding job covering the team for the last couple years.  Speaking for Kyle and myself, I can say that Jones has been an unbelievably helpful resource for us as we start covering the team with press credentials.  It would have been very easy for Jones (and Michael Lee and the other reporters who cover the team for a living) to treat us with disdain, but they have always been courteous, welcoming and open to us new guys.  I think I speak for the entire community when I say that I wish Jones the best in his future endeavors.

We also talk to Jimmy Toscano from Celtics Blog in preparation for tonight's game.  Toscano has been covering the Celtics with press credentials like us, so we talk about what that's been like for him and what to expect for tomorrow's game. 

The Dagger Report, Episode 5

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