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Four Factors versus Cleveland

 Here is the four factors individual player box score for last night's game, including the Cleveland side of things.

Four Factors Box Score 11-3 at CLE

No column this afternoon, but I'm working on putting together cumulative stats to date using the information collected.  Some of my notes on the box appear after the jump.

For more background on how these boxes work, go here and here:

  • The 16 fouls drawn by Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James obviously had a much bigger impact on the game than is reflected just in their free throws.
  • Whether it was that Gilbert Arenas ran into some hot shooters or that he let them get hot (you can be the judge of that), it remains that this team is going to have a tough time when his offensive performance is that much less efficient than what the opposition does against him.  Most of the made Cleveland 3s came at his expense.
  • Cleveland's starting front line allowed a lot of offensive boards by Brendan Haywood and Andray Blatche, particularly during the Wizards' early runs.  While it was great to see Dre hustling enough to take advantage, you would think Shaq and Anderson Varejao usually aren't going to let the other team grab that many.
  • Delonte West was inefficient on offense and solid on defense.  Daniel Gibson was efficient on offense and allowed a lot on defense.  Mo Williams was in the middle.  On the whole, they outproduced Arenas/Randy Foye/DeShawn Stevenson by far too much.
  • It was nice to see that Blatche's defensive effort and production didn't slip even though he wasn't hitting on offense the way he had been.  But, getting whistled 4 times while only drawing one foul himself may not be sustainable. 
  • Fabricio Oberto had another good defensive effort, but when Arenas/Butler aren't scoring efficiently, his lack of FG production becomes an issue.