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Mike Miller out 3-6 weeks with strained calf

I guess this is good-ish news.  Via Mike Jones' Twitter.

MRI reveals strained calf for Mike Miller, out three to six weeks. Butler's MRI: no structural damage on right ankle. game-time decision.

Miller's injury severity appears to be less than originally anticipated - there was talk of him tearing the calf muscle - but his timetable is basically the same.  We already talked about how much Miller could be missed, so let's hope the rest of the team turns it around while he's out.

As for Caron Butler, the news on him is good as well.  I would still like to see Butler sit out tomorrow night so he can rest that injured ankle.  If that's been bothering him for some time, it's probably affected his play.  The last thing we need is a hobbled Butler play through the pain poorly.