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Practice Quick Report - Caron Butler's injured, Nick Young's starting, Gilbert Arenas is talking

I attended practice today, and I'll have more later, but some really quick things while I'm on company time.

  • And your newest injured Wizard is ... Caron Butler.  (Pay up if you didn't have him in the pool).  Butler has been trying to play through some ankle pain for six days, but it swelled up really bad during and after the San Antonio game.  He's scheduled to have an MRI this afternoon to figure out what's up.  Flip Saunders said he's not sure whether he'll play tomorrow.  Gilbert Arenas basically ruled him out.  Butler hasn't practiced in two days and was walking around with a sock and flip flops today
  • Gilbert Arenas gave an interesting interview after practice, during which he said that of the 15 players on the team, 14 get along and are all on the same page.  He didn't say who that one person was, so I have no clue.  However, I should point out that, when asked whose shoulders it's on to get everyone on the same page, he mentioned himself and Antawn Jamison.  Someone then jumped in and asked about Caron Butler.  Gilbert at first said "Come again," as if he didn't hear the question.  Then, after it was asked again, Gil said "Yeah."  It's definitely weird that he didn't mention Caron right away, but it could also be nothing.  Just feel it should be pointed out.
  • Nick Young is like a cat - he gets nine lives.  After being inactive against San Antonio, he will start for Mike Miller against the 76ers tomorrow.  Gilbert said: "Nick is coming out of the box."
  • Mike Miller's MRI still hasn't come back yet.  When he was asked about his status as he was walking by, he said "I'm playing tomorrow."  Funny thing is, I would have believed it.
  • I talked to the two Mikes about the Haywood-Arenas incident a bit.  They made it clear that nobody called anyone out by name, and both made a point to say that it was a team-wide problem.  They just wrote what they saw, which is their job.  Haywood and Arenas, for the record, were shooting free throws and joking around together after practice.  Not sure if they were feuding or not, but there's at least a possibility that they weren't.
  • UPDATE: Michael Lee just tweeted this: "Just for clarification, Gilbert Arenas & Brendan Haywood do not have a rift. Their comments were not directed at each other."
  • UPDATE 2: Mike Jones caught up with Caron Butler via phone.  Butler didn't really address the "rift" stuff in depth - Jones said he took the high road.  I kind of expected nothing less - he's never going to talk about stuff like that in public. 
  • UPDATE 3: From Michael Lee's Twitter: "Caron Butler just texted me. He called Gilbert Arenas to clear up what was said in practice. There's no beef, I guess."

More later.