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Spurs rout Wizards in San Antonio: Final wrap, stats only

I missed most of this one live and don't really want to watch it on delay, considering the score.  But like the OKC game, it's not that the Wizards lost, it's how they lose.  There is losing, and then there is being blown out.  The latter is not a good sign for future success.

Four Factors (Bold=very good | Italics=very bad)

Team Pace Off Eff eFG% FT/FG OREB% TOr
Washington 92 91.3
35.7% 28.6 19
San Antonio
115.2 52.3% 18.6 26.7


Snap Reaction: Well, at least we didn't turn the ball over...

Lineup Details, via Popcorn Machine

  • Highest individual plus/minus: Fabricio Oberto (+1 in 10:36)
  • Lowest individual plus/minus: Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison (-23 in 32:06 and 31:36, respectively)
  • Best five-man unit: Earl Boykins/Gilbert Arenas/Caron Butler/Antawn Jamison/Fabricio Oberto (+2 in the second quarter)
  • Worst five-man unit: Gilbert Arenas/Randy Foye/Caron Butler/Antawn Jamison/Brendan Haywood (-8 in the third quarter)

Snap reaction: The Wizards will miss Mike Miller.  Randy Foye has not played well at all since he returned from the ankle injury.