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Open Thread: Washington Wizards vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, Regular Season Game 11

The Essentials:

Wizards (3-7) vs. Thunder (6-6)
8:00 p.m.
Ford Center
Radio: 106.7 The Fan

Notable early Thunder numbers this season

13th in expected winning percentage (.565)
24th in pace (91.2 possessions per game)
25th in offensive efficiency/offensive rating (102.3)
6th in defensive efficiency/defensive rating (100.4)

Notable Thunder numbers last season

27th in expected winning percentage (.298)
8th in pace (93.6 possessions per game)
29th in offensive efficiency/offensive rating (102.9)
20th in defensive efficiency/defensive rating (109.4)

Pre-game links

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Daily Thunder
Michael Lee: The Other Side: Thunder
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Tonight's Projected Starters
Wizards vs. Thunder
Gilbert Arenas
PG Russell Westbrook
Mike Miller
SG Thabo Sefolosha
Caron Butler
SF Kevin Durant
Antawn Jamison
PF Jeff Green
Brendan Haywood
C Nenad Kristic

It's late, so real quick:

  • I'm chatting on Comcast Sports Net's Web site here. Stop by.
  • I'm really surprised to see the Thunder ranked so highly defensively. Shows you the value of guys like Thabo Sefolosha.
  • Speaking of, matchups will be interesting tonight. If I'm OKC, I put Durant on Butler, Thabo on Arenas and Westbrook on Miller. The Wizards' best chance might be to run and catch them in cross-matches.
  • Keep Kevin Durant out of the paint. He can stroke Js, but he really does damage if he sets everyone else up. I'd like to see Dominic McGuire get a chance tonight.
  • Antawn Jamison should burn Jeff Green on offense. Let's hope he gets out on him to the three-point line on defense.
  • Interested in seeing James Harden in person. I haven't really gotten a good read on him this year.
  • I'm not a big Russell Westbrook fan. I just don't think he's the right fit next to Durant. But Gilbert Arenas is going to need to slow him down.
  • Etan Thomas. That should be fun.