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The Dagger Report, Episode 2: Cleveland Cavaliers edition

In Episode 2 of The Dagger Report, the new Wizards podcast featuring myself and Kyle from Truth About It, we set our sights on the hated Cleveland CrabDribbles/LeBrons/Traveliers. And yes, that means we talked to Cavs fans.

With the first Wizards-Cavs game set to take place tomorrow, we talk to John Krolik from Cavs The Blog, the Cavaliers site on the ESPN/True Hoop Network, about the history of the "rivalry" and why we think the two teams and their fans have little love lost for one another.  We also chat with RockKing from the fabulous Cleveland sports blog Waiting For Next Year about what's wrong with the Cavs right now and what to expect from Tuesday's game.

The Dagger Report, Episode 2, Direct Listen

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UPDATE, by Mike: Forgot to list the songs used, in order

  • Sugarhill Gang: "Rappers Delight."
  • INXS: "What You Need"
  • AC/DC: "Hells Bells"
  • Modest Mouse: "Float On"
  • Depeche Mode: "Policy of Truth"
  • Better Than Ezra: "In the Blood"
  • Sugarhill Gang again.