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Mike Jones: Wizards likely to make a move for a point guard

The prognosis on Randy Foye's injury hasn't come back yet, but Mike Jones is reporting that Ernie Grunfeld is about to make a move to get another point guard on the roster.

I just spoke to Ernie Grunfeld while I'm sitting here waiting for my flight back to the D.C. area, and the Wizards team president confirmed that he is indeed likely to make a roster move to shore up the injury-stricken back court.

"We don't know how bad Randy's injury is, because he hasn't been in yet, but we'll see later this morning," Grunfeld said. "But we probably will make a move. Mike James is out four to five weeks, Javaris [Crittenton] is closer, but not one or two weeks. At least two weeks. And maybe you can use DeShawn some like we did last night ... but you need three point guards."

Grunfeld said he started considering a move once Mike James went down, and now with Foye getting hurt, the team is in even more desperate a situation.

Jones reports that it's likely the Wizards will go for a veteran rather than a young guy and throws out Earl Boykins' (really, Earl Boykins?) name as a possible target.  He also reports that, to make it happen, the Wizards are likely going to waive Paul Davis, since the Wizards' currently have the maximum number of players you can have on a roster (15) and the only non-guaranteed guy other than Davis is Dominic McGuire, who won't get cut. 

Can I be the first person to start the "Bring back Antonio Daniels" bandwagon?  Jones says Daniels is looking for a guaranteed deal, and the Wizards aren't willing to offer that, but I'd like to see Ernie make a pitch for AD to sign a non-guaranteed deal anyway.  AD doesn't exactly have a ton of bargaining power because he's sitting on the sidelines. 

Who else would you try to go for?