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FF Box Score for 10-31 (and 10-30)

Tracked both teams, but only bothering with posting the (very nice looking) Wizards' side of the box.

Four Factors Wiz Box 10-31 versus Nets

Continue on for a few observations about last night's box and also for the Wiz portion of the box from the loss to the Hawks (thanks go to Rook for tracking that one).


  • Arenas again didn't get burned by playing off his man, as, like with Dallas, the Nets' guards couldn't take advantage from outside.
  • Oberto and Blatche both did well contesting shots and defending the pick and roll, combining to allow only 5 of 18.5
  • Stevenson and Haywood each created a net of 2 extra possessions (net margin of offensive rebounds grabbed/allowed and turnovers forced/committed)
  • Amazingly efficient shooting night from Arenas and Blatche  (mostly at the expense of Alston, Yi, and Najera)
  • Miller had an efficient enough night offensively, and did some other good things, but got burned by the officials and some bad luck.
  • I didn't include assists here, but Arenas-Foye-Oberto combined for 20 of them.


Expanded Box 10-30 vs Hawks


  • They gave away too many possessions (particularly Arenas) and didn't create enough extra ones to get away with a mediocre shooting night.
  • Dre's weakest defensive line didn't help.
  • Miller and Stevenson had some costly fouls.