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Two stories about Brendan Haywood

One by Michael Lee, one by Mike Jones.

There's nothing too surprising in either.  The only really newsworthy item in either article is that Haywood's agent says the Wizards haven't begun any talks about extending Haywood, but even that is somewhat counteracted by Ernie Grunfeld saying he plans on having those discussions "in the near future."  For his part, Haywood says he's not concerned about what happens next summer until next summer arrives, and feels his value is tied to winning, not personal stats, but we knew he'd say something of the sort.

I only point these article out to begin a pre-game discussion.  How much do you think Brendan is worth if all external factors (the declining cap, other teams needing a center, etc) aren't in play?  What type of contract do you think Haywood will ultimately get if he has the season you project him having and those external factors are in play?  Keep in mind, those are two different questions.  Ben Gordon might not be worth his contract if you just consider his ability, but the market factors (Detroit having money to play with and a need to use it right away) means he got 55 million fairly.

Further reminder: I'm going to be reporting on tonight's preseason game, so if you have things you want me to look for, let me know.  The game thread will open at 5 p.m.