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Washington Wizards 101, Memphis Grizzlies 92

I'll have more later, but some quick thoughts:

  • Gilbert Arenas looked really under control offensively, almost too under control.  He barely shot the ball and passed up a lot of open shots or drives.  However, he did finish with 10 assists in 24 minutes, and some of those assists were really pretty.  Overall, I was happy with how he looked. 
  • Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler both look like they're in midseason form.  Two solid games for them.  You can depend on them every night now that they're back to being complimentary guys.
  • Nick Young had his moments.  He hit a couple nice shots, and there were only two times where he reverted into Nick-on-five mode.  He was a bit up and down though defensively, losing O.J. Mayo a couple times and getting pretty abused by Sam Young.
  • Randy Foye just looks so much more comfortable off the ball spotting up off someone else's initiation than off his own.  There were at least two times where he overdrove and didn't know what to do.  He certainly can handle the ball at times and can bring the ball up the court, but I think Flip's sets with him in have to involve someone else making the play.
  • Mike Miller just knows how to play.  He did a great job creating offense in the fourth quarter, and if he could only be that assertive the entire game, he could be a huge asset.  This isn't Minnesota, when he's passing out to Sebastian Telfair and Craig Smith.  I also was very impressed with his defense.  The key, I think, is keeping him involved on offense to take full advantage of his many skills, because he has a tendency to fade into the background otherwise.
  • The defense was kind of uneven, but Miller had his moments, and Butler, by and large, did a pretty good job on Rudy Gay
  • Andray Blatche had a pretty awful second quarter and a really, really good fourth quarter against worse competition.
  • JaVale McGee still is getting pushed around too much.  Kyle was saying how he at least looks more aware at least on defense, but to me, he just looked like he did last year, both in body and in mind.

More later...