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Ghosts of Wizards Past are Starting to Pop Up Again

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Training camp is in full swing around the NBA.  Training camp serves as the alarm to basketball fans that the season is about to start.  It's also a gives us a great chance to reminisce about old faces who are landing in new places, trying to extend their NBA career by latching on to training camp rosters, or in some cases trying to demand a trade.  

After the jump, you can check out the latest news on the man pictured above, among others.

- You may recall that Antonio Daniels was shipped to Minnesota during the summer in exchange for Darius Songaila.  Understandably, the 34 year old isn't too excited about the prospect of playing in bitter cold Minnesota for a rebuilding team.  So it's not too much of a surprise to see that Antonio Daniels has asked for a trade.  Wolves GM David Kahn has honored his request and will allow him to pursue trade options.  

Daniels, 34, was acquired from New Orleans earlier this month mainly because Kahn opened more cap space for next summer by trading Darius Songaila and the two years remaining on his contract away. Daniels wants to play significant minutes so he score another sizable contract next summer, a prospect that, barring injury, isn’t likely with the Wolves committed to Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions at point guard.

He said he would trade Daniels to a team where he can play more — as he did by dealing Richardson to Miami for Blount — if he can get a similar expiring $6.6 million contract in return. Kahn said he believes helping players in that situation if possible is a bit of goodwill that eventually will benefit the franchise with other players down the road.

I've heard some fans bounce the idea of trying to re-acquire Daniels with Mike James' expiring contract.  It's certainly an intriguing idea, but it has too much working against it.  Mike James didn't leave Minnesota on the best of terms, so its had to see Minnesota rolling out the welcome mat for him.  Likewise, there was some talk that AD had become very "negative and critical" near the end of his time in D.C., so there's no guarantee that either side would be excited about a reunion.  

On top of that and more importantly, trading for Mike James wouldn't do anything to change the situation that they have on their hands other than to change the name involved in the conflict.  If James was sent to Minnesota, he would immediately ask for a trade because he doesn't want to spend the closing years of his career on a rebuilding team any more than Antonio Daniels does.

- If you were wondering if Juan Dixon's invitation to the Back to Camp party meant that he would be back with the team again, you don't have to worry anymore.  He'll be fighting for a roster spot in Atlanta along with Mike Wilks.  You may remember Wilks played a few games for the Wizards two years ago when the team was decimated by injuries.

- You've probably heard by now that Juwan Howard signed with the Blazers, but he won't be the only ex-Wiz in Portland in training camp.  Donnell Taylor will also be in Oregon trying to make the team.  (Editor's Note: Taylor just got cut after this post was finished). Also, while we're still on the subject of Juwan Howard, it's probably worth noting that his son Juwan Howard Jr. has signed on to play at Western Michigan next year.

Etan Thomas won't be the only former Wizard in Oklahoma City, Michael Ruffin received an invite to participate in the Thunder's training camp.