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Hawks Down Wiz 100-89: The Post Game Thread

Ok ... that wasn't good. It all somehow started at the end of the 1st quarter when the offense became sloppy. And later, when the offense was a little bit better ... the Wizards just couldn't get stops.

It's the second game of the year ... the Hawks are good ... it was a road game ... the Wiz were without Antawn Jamison, and for much of the game, Caron Butler due to a bruised knee (OMG/WTF) -- no need to panic folks.

No, really. (Well, aside from being a worried Marge Simpson-esque mother at Butler's knee thing).

The only two guys with a positive plus/minus were Miller (+7) and Oberto (+7) ... those two also saw bench action with foul trouble. Go figure.

So what do you want to blame and where do you want to vent?

The answer to the latter is easy ... here at Bullets Forever. The answer to the former? Not so easy.

Sure, there were a lot of factors. But personally, the most frustrating was probably the point guard play. Arenas racked up seven turnovers and Randy Foye still has trouble running the offense.

Take it away folks.