The official DeJuan Blair sour grapes thread (don't read if you're tired of this topic)

In his first NBA game action, DeJuan Blair played 23 minutes, scored 14 points on 7-10 shooting (70%), grabbed 11 rebounds and dished out 3 assists.

Spurs Coach Greg Popovich inserted Blair with 1:40 left to play in the 1st quarter and the game tied at 13. The Rookie paid immediate dividends by scoring 2 points and grabbing 2 rebounds even before the quarter ended.... Giving Spurs fans hope that he might actually be able to grab a rebound for every minute of play.

Beastman, as the Spurs fans have taken to calling Blair, scored 6 points, snagged 6 rebounds and 1 assist in a little over 5 and a half minutes before he was replaced by Tim Duncan at 7:47 of the second period - with the San Antonio Spurs enjoying a 31-16 lead.

The Wizard's, who received $2.5 Million for their 2009 second round draft pick (#32 overall), played their season opener yesterday. However their stack of cash never entered the game - and was a non-factor in their win over the Dallas Mavericks.

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