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What's coming

You've probably logged in today and wondered where all the content is after last night's big win.  Things are running a bit slow on BF land all around today (computer problems, real job stuff), which has delayed our usual postgame coverage.  Everything should be up pretty soon, but just a heads-up.

Normally, here's what you should expect on the days after games:

  • A massive link dump called "Morning Briefing," in which we link and summarize every article or story that covers last night's game.  If you have submissions for this, please e-mail Jake (his e-mail is at the bottom of the page).
  • An extended box score courtesy bwoodsxyz
  • I'll come back later with a final wrap, with extended analysis, four factors, and best lineup stats.  If the Wizards have a game the next day, I might forego this, but otherwise, expect it.

We also might see some video analysis at times, courtesy Rook6980, or some screencaps from Truth About It.  I imagine we'll see something more after this game, since the Wizards don't play again until Friday.

This is how our postgames should operate.  Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about that process.