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The Dagger Report, Episode 1: Training camp wrap-up, studying Flip Saunders' offense and breaking down the Dallas Mavericks

Kyle from Truth About It and I have done the writing thing.  We've done the credential thing, the picture-taking thing, and all that.  However, we haven't really tried the podcasting thing ... until now.

I want to be the first to introduce The Dagger Report, a weekly podcast hosted by Kyle and myself.  We're going to be recording this thing weekly, most likely every Tuesday, though obviously that will change. 

In our first episode, we talk with Rashad Mobley from Hoops Addict about the Wizards' preseason.  Who should start while Antawn Jamison is injured?  Who should start at shooting guard?  Have the Wizards experimented too much in the preseason at the expense of developing a set rotation?  Rashad, Kyle and I discuss these issues and more.

We also talk with Mark Riggs, aka Rook6980, about Flip Saunders' Hawk offensive system and his defensive philosophies.  How are the Wizards picking this stuff up?  Which players should fit well, and which players don't?

Finally, with the Wizards set to play the Dallas Mavericks tonight at 8:30, we talk with Rob Mahoney from the Mavericks blog The Two Man Game.  How will Shawn Marion fit in with the Mavericks this season?  What's the next shoe to drop for the Mavericks?  Who do we think has the edge in tonight's matchup?  We discuss these questions and more, including a part where I question how we can consider Jason Kidd a defensive liability.

We're hoping to have the show on ITunes shortly (key word, hope), but for now, feel free to listen here.

The Dagger Report - Washington Wizards Podcast - Episode 01

Songs used (in order):

  • Jane's Addiction - My Cat's Name Is Maceo
  • Nas - Get Down
  • Bobby Blue Bland - Yield Not to Temptation
  • The Roots - Swept Away