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Open thread: Preseason reactions

First, four factors from the Chicago game:


Team Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
WAS 89.0 78.7 39.6% 25.4 11.9 20.2
CHI 104.5 46.7% 28.9 26.8 16.9


Okay, that's gross.  Let's move on.

Use this space to discuss any reactions you have to the preseason.  Who has looked good?  Who hasn't?  Who has looked better than expected?  Worse than expected?  Which five-man combinations do you like the best?  The worst?  How do you think Gilbert Arenas has looked?  Who do you think should start at shooting guard?

I'll try to sum everything up in a post tomorrow night (I'm out of town), but until then, this is your platform.