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Morning Briefing: Sometimes You Get the Bulls, Sometimes You Get Horns. Try to guess what we got?

Sure, it was apparent the Wizards weren't too invested in getting a W last night, but can you blame them?  After all the talk about being a playoff contender again, I think everyone on the team is chomping at the bit to start showing what this team is made of in the regular season.  Not to mention that everyone is paranoid about being the next Wizard to get stricken by the injury bug.  Regardless of what the reason was, let's hope a dose of regular season action is what the doctor ordered.

Game Hub | Boxscore

Bulls 93, Wizards 70 - Michael Lee, Wizards Insider

The only positives that can be taken from this game? Nobody else got hurt and the preseason is finally, mercifully, over. If you thought the Wizards couldn't look worse than they did against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, then you missed the entire second half against the Bulls. That's when the Wizards decided that they were ready for the regular season. They were outscored 52-31, missed 25 of 34 field goal attempts, and got outrebounded 29-11. They seriously packed it in.

Bulls end preseason with another win - Mark Deeks, Chicago Bulls Confidential

Of course, tonight didn't really count. They weren't playing anybody. The Wizards completely forgot to turn up; as the final score will have alluded to, they were really, really, really, really, really bad. The Bulls weren't great, despite what the big margin of victory might suggest, but they were good enough to take at least half of what the Wizards gave them. And the Wizards gave them everything. In a bad way.

Fullcourt Press: Bulls' PG mystery solved - K.C. Johnson, Full Court Press

Who needs Derrick Rose when the Bulls have Brad Miller? And, no, that's not meant to be serious. But on a night the Bulls had one healthy point guard as they concluded their preseason schedule against Washington at the United Center, Miller tallied six first-half assists, including three pretty lobs.

Best of Twitterville

Twitter / Michael Lee
Andray Blatche is balling this quarter. He's gone on a personal 8-0 run, hitting Js, rebounding and dunking - all while wearing a headband

Twitter / Bradford Doolittle
1st quarter lesson #1: The Bulls do not want to go into the season with Lindsey Hunter as their starting point guard.

Twitter / Truth_About_It
@MrMichaelLee Looks like Blatche is on his way to a '7 Day Dray' Triple Double: Points, Rebounds & (Turnovers+Fouls) all in double figures.

Twitter / Michael Lee
Where would the Wizards be w/o Blatche & Foye tonight? They've scored 21 of 33 pts on 10-14 shooting. Rest of the team is 5-14.

Twitter / Bradford Doolittle
Arenas made a move to get into the lane against Hunter at the end of the half that looked pretty explosive. He didn't finish, though.

Twitter / George V. Panagakos
Fast paced low scoring game so far, 41-39, Bulls over Wizards at half. Blatche was on fire early, and Arenas is pushing it to the max.

Twitter / Michael Lee
Bulls lead 41-39 in classic battle of inconsistent big men. Tyrus Thomas & 7-Day Dray both have 12 pts. Blatche hit 1st 6 shots

Twitter / Michael Lee
Gilbert has 6 pts, 4 assts and 3 rebs. Not bad, but you'd think he'd dominate with 39-yr-old Lindsey Hunter the only PG playing 4 Bulls

Twitter / Bradford Doolittle
Artis Gilmore is in the house.

Twitter / Kevin Pelton
@bbdoolittle But still not in the Hall of Fame.