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Morning Briefing: Finally, A Wacky Ending That Goes Our Way

Sure, this probably wasn't a foul, but after years of being subjected to thisthis, and this I can live with something going our way, even if it was the wrong call.

Game Hub | Boxscore

Wizards triumph in reunion with Jordan - Michael Lee, Washington Post

For the first time in more than six years, the Wizards looked down at the opposite end of the bench and attempted to beat Jordan, the man who led the franchise through its best four-year run in the past three decades before getting fired last November. The Wizards emerged victorious, 90-89, after a comedy of errors in the final seconds -- JaVale McGee missed a layup with 14.5 seconds left, Nick Young fouled Philadelphia's Willie Green with one second left and Green was called for fouling Mike James on a three-point attempt with 0.3 of a second left.

Wizards hold off Sixers - Mike Jones, Outlet

A comedy of errors best describes the Wizards' final stretch. JaVale McGee pulled down a rebound and went the length of the floor rather than sending an outlet pass to a guard, or at least getting to his team's offensive end and holding the ball while waiting for backup. Instead he took off from about 15 feet out and tried to lay the ball in but was stripped of the ball on a WHAT-WAS-HE-THINKING?! play.  Says McGee: "I was thinking about dunking it, but he smacked my arm like five times and they didn't call it. But I definitely feel like I should have held on to it. But I got to halfcourt and waited, then it just opened up for me so I went with it."

76ers edged by Wizards in preseason game - Kate Fagan, Philadelphia Inquirer

The 76ers would never be this forgiving during the regular season. Last night, on what should have been a no-call, a replacement referee blew his whistle with three-tenths of a seconds remaining. Afterward, the Sixers chalked it up to preseason rust - theirs as well as the referee's.

Wizards survive gaffes - Mike Jones, Washington Times

"Well, some guys played better, but then again some guys showed that, in late-game situations, you don't want them in there, so you found out a little bit of both," Saunders said with a relieved chuckle. "That's what they call a learning tape, a learning experience."

Wizards Survive Themselves, Beat Philly 90-89 - Kyle Weidie, Truth About It

Last night’s 90-89 win against the Sixers in Philly got a bit goofy toward the end. After the game, Flip Saunders said, "That’s what they call a learning experience," which sort of means, ‘We better not pull any of that B.S. during a regular season game.’

Sixers comeback falls short; lose to Wizards 90-89 - jsams, Liberty Ballers

I almost became angry, than I remembered it's still pre-season.

Phantom Call? Kate Fagan, Deep Sixer

The Wizards called a timeout then inbounded the ball on the sideline. Wizards guard Mike James heaved a three at the buzzer, which fell short. The game appeared to be over, the Sixers PR staff even dropped the streamers they save only for victories. But, within James' final attempt, one of the referees saw a foul on Green -- who appeared to be far away from James -- and blew his whistle. Multiple replays seemed to show James went untouched, but I was squinting at the little TV box on press row, looking at the Comcast broadcast. The closest Sixer to James appeared to be Jason Smith.

James' 2 final-second free throws give Wizards win - The Associated Press

A sparse crowd attended the game with patches of empty pockets of seats in the lower level. The final Bruce Springsteen concert ever to be held across the street at the Spectrum may have played a role.

Wizards (3-3) at Sixers (5-1) - Michael Lee, Wizards Insider

Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh became an Internet hero last week when he went to court to win back his online identity. A federal judge in California ordered a cybersquatter to surrender the Internet domain names of Bosh and 800 other athletes and celebrities. Bosh now owns the domain names rights to several Wizards, including Butler, Blatche, Dominic McGuire, Javaris Crittenton and assistant coach Sam Cassell. Blatche and McGuire didn't even realize that someone else owned their domain names, to which McGuire said, "I need to call my lawyer." Bosh said he would give away the domains for free. "I want mine," Butler said recently. "I'm going to hit him up."

Ugly Loss Decided By Ugly Call - Brian Ward, Depressed Fan

Through the beginning of the third quarter, Wizard guards were driving the lane with reckless abandon. That all stopped when Jrue came into the game. He picked up his man at half court and barely gave him room to breathe. He fought over, and bounced under screens, never leaving his man for more than a second, no matter who the big involved was. He's got the defensive chops right now. I finally see what Eddie Jordan was talking about when he said that some time soon Jrue is just going to "get it."

Best of Twitterville

Twitter / The BF gang
Apparently it takes playing against their old offense for the Wizards to exhibit some sound defense.

Twitter / Fidel Gonzalez
If the ball is in the air, and JaVale is around, don't even think about it. Maniac McGee.

Twitter / The BF gang
Just when you start taking JaVale McGee's length and leaping for granted, he tips in a ball that was literally 14 feet in the air.

Twitter / Michael Lee
DeSahwn Stevenson just hit a 3 and waved his hand over his face. It looks a lot cooler when the Wizards are up by double digits than down 20

Twitter / Johnathan D. Tillman
*sigh* Javale McGee #badbusiness

Twitter / Mike Jones
Give me whatever Antawn Jamison's on. Dude's already doing full weight-lifting regime again. Said he has full range of motion in shoulder.