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Notes from the last couple days of training camp

Real quick, before I listen through the tape.

  • Gilbert Arenas' knee looked fine today in the brief time we were able to see him.  Flip Saunders says he's progressing well there and that part of the motivation for sitting him in previous scrimmages is to protect Arenas from overworking himself.  Saunders noted that Arenas is usually the first one in the gym shooting for a long time.  So it appears yesterday's limping thing was a false alarm.  I'm curious to hear feedback on whether I and the other Mikes handled the situation correctly. 
  • The finger, however, is still bugging Arenas and might be bugging him for a while.  Saunders said the finger is going to be "a whole year situation."  He added: "When you dislocate a finger and it's considerably swollen, you can work on it, tape it, and it'll feel great for five days, but if you hit it, it's going to jar it a little and it's going to get sore.  So it's going to be a constant factor.  We'll try to monitor it."
  • Saunders says the shooting guard position is far from settled, and that everyone is making their case pretty well for minutes.  Personally, I think Randy Foye has had the strongest camp, but he's been playing on the ball a lot.
  • Javaris Crittenton had to sit out the end of practice and emerged later with a boot on his left foot.  He said he's getting an MRI on it this afternoon.  The injury dates back to when he played in a pro-am league earlier this summer.  He's been playing through pain all throughout camp, which should tell you something about his determination.  We'll see.
  • Fabricio Oberto sat out the end of practice as well, but Saunders said he merely tweaked his hamstring and he'll be fine.
  • Yesterday, we discussed just how familiar Foye was with this offense.  Foye confirmed that he ran a lot of similar sets in Minnesota under Randy Wittman.  "I've been through it before with coach Randy Wittman," Foye said yesterday.  "He was running a lot of the same sets.  Some of the terminology may be different, but all of the concepts and the plays are the same."
  • More stuff later, including an update on JaVale McGee's situation and some words you all will probably like hearing from Caron Butler.