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Wizards 101, Pistons 98

I confess: I was a bad Wizards blogger tonight and didn't even get home in time to listen to this one.  From the sounds/stats of it, Gilbert Arenas looked good (except for his turnovers), Nick Young looked bad, JaVale McGee looked breathtaking and Mike Miller continued to display the same outstanding role player/overly-reluctant shooter duality that makes him so interesting/frustrating. 

For those who listened, feel free to fill in some blanks for me.  In the meantime, four factors:

Team Pace Off Eff eFG% FT/FG OREB% TOr
Washington 99 (fast) 102 (below-average) 49.4% (average) 29.1 (very good) 15.4 (awful) 16.2 (bad)
Detroit 99 (bad) 44.6% (very bad) 27.4 (good) 20 (very bad) 12.1 (very good)


I know it's preseason, but those are some outstanding defensive stats right there.  It's also in line with what you'd expect from a Flip Saunders defensive team, emphasizing shooting percentages and solid weakside rebounding at the expense of forcing turnovers and your own offensive rebounding. 

It does seem like this is all starting to come together a bit.  That's good news.

I doubt I'll recap this game further.  Jake's going to most likely have his Morning Brieing up tomorrow, but stay tuned for an absolutely mind-blowing post from bwoodsxyz on how to add some new defensive stats to the boxscore.  Seriously, I already read it and I found it really compelling.  That'll go up at noon, as always.