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14 players in a new system: Dominic McGuire

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Injuries and improved play allowed Dominic McGuire to start 57 games last year, but early indications are that he won't come close to approaching that this time around.  The Wizards have been using McGuire as an all-purpose reserve throughout training camp and haven't given him a ton of repetitions on the wing.  McGuire's also been used relatively sparingly in preseason games.

It's a shame, because McGuire fits the mold of the long, athletic wing defender Saunders has historically liked.  McGuire certainly isn't as skilled as Tayshaun Prince, but what exactly separates him from Trenton Hassell?  Moreover, McGuire seemingly has had an excellent training camp, flashing an improved jumper and defensive versatility.  So why isn't he playing in preseason games much?

Is it just a numbers game with McGuire?  Make the jump to discuss.

Why he will play: Not only is he versatile enough to fill in at many spots (though I hope to not see him at power forward very much), McGuire is one of the only guys on the team to take defense seriously.  It might send a message to the other players on the team that you will play by playing defense, not by scoring. 

Why he won't play: There are too many bodies in front of him, and McGuire is still a guy without a defined position or a refined offensive game. 

My best guess: McGuire gets spot minutes here and there, but will not be a part of the regular rotation.  Had you asked me before training camp started, I would have given McGuire a pretty good chance to impress Saunders and leap ahead of guys who he probably started behind.  Now that I've seen that IFlip hasn't played him more in preseason games thus far, I'm going to change my guess and say he ends up being one of those +2 guys in the 8 + 2 rotation.