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Open thread: Regular season game 35 vs. Chicago Bulls


The Essentials:
Wizards (7-27) at Bulls (15-20)
8:30 p.m.
United Center

This year
December 6: Bulls 117, Wizards 110

Notable Bulls numbers this season:
23rd in expected winning percentage (.381)
5th in pace factor (94.1 possessions per game)
21st in offensive efficiency/offensive rating (104.8)
19th in defensive efficiency/defensive rating (108.6)

Key Links: (drop any others in the comments)
WW Blog: Gameday Chicago
Wizards Insider: The Other Side: Bulls

Starting Lineups:
Mike James
Caron Butler
SF: Dominic McGuire
PF: Antawn Jamison
C: Andray Blatche

Derrick Rose
Ben Gordon
SF: Luol Deng Thabo Sefolosha
PF: Tyrus Thomas
C: Drew Gooden

I've got nothing on this game. Chicago's in complete disarray, but after hearing what Tap said about our young guys, I'm worried we are as well.

The only mildly-interesting thing happening with the Bulls now is Larry Hughes. Specifically, he and the Bulls want to part ways. Raise your hand if you were surprised by this. (Nobody raise your hand, please).

Anyway, I'd be cool with James/Etan for Hughes (before you ask, Chicago isn't taking Stevenson. No chance.), if only because it limits our veteran options from two to one. If we want to make a mega-trade, Hughes' contract helps with that as well. But at the same time, I don't think we're going to see any sort of amazing resurgence from Hughes if he comes back here. 2005 was so four years ago, literally and figuratively. Plus, if Hughes is here in addition to DeShawn, that means even less time for Nick Young.

So, I dunno. I'm sure that Chicago is looking at us first when they try to find someone to take Hughes off their hands. Should we do it?

Oh, right, there's a game. GO WIZARDS!