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Moving Forward

I know you're all still a little bummed about Pradamaster taking a break from Bullets Forever for a little bit.  Hey, I am too.  We're going to miss his irreplaceable analysis and insights for a little while, there's no denying that.  The only thing that we can do is keep writing and hope that our content continues to deliver at a rate that you all find acceptable.  But who is the "we" that I keep speaking of?  Well, in case you've forgotten, let me introduce you to the cast:

JakeTheSnake: Like Pradamaster, I'm currently a college student (Go Patriots!).  Unlike our fearless leader, I'm not getting a degree in journalism so I don't have the same background that he does, but I did get an A- in an English class and I spent a night in a Holiday Inn Express once.  And really, that's just as good, if not better than a degree in journalism.  (Kidding!)

When I'm not here writing romance dialogues, you can find me at Gilbertology writing about a guy that's played 17 games since April 4, 2007 and occasionally I pop up at SB Nation's Colts site, Stampede Blue where I try to compare Edgerrin James to Bruce Springsteen.

Truth About It: Our live blogger extraordinare, Truth does live blogs for all the Wizards games.  You can find the live blogs for home games here on Bullets Forever.  He does the same things for road games on his site, which conveniently enough is called Truth About It.  Hopefully you've got his site bookmarked or subscribe to his RSS feed because he's always delivering quality stuff that deserves your attention. In addition to being the best photoshopper of the group, he's also the best Hungry Hungry Hippos player and breakdancer that you'll find on this site. 

You can also find him at NBC Washington, where he muses about the DC sports scene.

Our newest writer: I hope you all welcome Rook6980 as our newest writer.  Like the person currently writing this, he started out as your typical, everyday commenter but his solid analysis in the comments and the FanPosts made him a logical choice to come in and add his voice here.  We've been thinking about bringing him on for a little while now, and with Pradamaster taking a little hiatus, it seemed like the right time to make him a part of the crew.

While we won't be able to replace Prada's content, we'll try and keep things as normal as possible in his absence.  As always, we'll try to do our best to provide quality content that you all will enjoy.  If you ever feel like there's something that deserves more attention, feel free to use the FanPosts to talk about it, and I might just promote it to the front page.  But that's not to say that if I don't promote it that I think what you've written is awful either.  We always value your contributions here (unless you try to call Caron Butler "Weak Juice").