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Barbosa'd: Wizards Game 44 Blog vs. Phoenix Suns

via flickr/Keith Allison

Are the Wizards what the Suns need?

I'm actually a little surprised about how positive that Comcast guys are (Buckhantz, Chenier, Miller)....guess they don't have choice.


11:04: Nash short jumper off a pick and roll. It's Andray's fault. How do I know? Because he raises his hand......almost instinctively. 4-0 Suns.

Buckhantz relates that the Suns owner (Robert Sarver) was so concerned about losing that he flew to Atlanta for practice (Suns beat the Hawks last night). What the sh*t? How is that going to help anyone. "OH.....the 'Owner' flew out.....guess, you know, we should play better and stuff." Seems like a Danny Snyder move.

8:50: Nice backdoor by AJ, great dribble breakdown by James and look for the pass. The Wiz have employed more cuts in the past 4-5 the Princeton is still useful.

8:25: Ooooh...don't jump Andray! (too late, Amare posterized.....Blatche almost curled up like Kyle Korver )

8:06: Blatche gets rejected and handled by Shaq....must be the headband because there that thing goes.

8:02: Nick Young early entry for McGuire.....interesting.

Remember when Amare Stoudemire was the original Purple Jesus ? Now they're talking about trading that cat.

Positive Blatche: His jumper has gotten more consistent recently. His FG% has climbed every month to 49.3% in January.

I think the Suns have a guy on the payroll whose only job is to hold the cup that holds Shaq's mouth-piece while he is on the bench.

3:20: Somehow the Wiz have made an 8-0 run in the last 2.5 minutes (they're playing better interior D with Shaq out and ball movement for Phoenix is a little stagnant). 20-13 DC.

2:27: Uh oh...JaVale vs. Shaq time...

2:13: Dunk off the bat, for Shaq. 22-17 DC.

Shaq and Butler create their own impromptu Kiss Cam.

24-22 Wizards after 1.

Points in paint 14-6 Phoenix, but the Wiz only had one unassisted basket (6 on 7)


11:30: Big ole Shaq dunk, big old hanging on rim, and big old technical foul......Shaq tried to go throwback and take that thing down.

11:17: ARGH! Crittenton with an aggressive drive, but he holds the ball down near his hip and easily gets stripped.

Timeout, Suns up 26-25.....Well, Shaq has only had three dunks while JaVale has been guarding him (one was an alley-oop that should've been called an offensive goal-tend)

Shaq laughs at JaVale's attempt at some sort of spinning crazy baseline fade....and very bad miss.

8:41: Jamison FTs.....and 17 points for him so far. 31-26 Wiz.

Steve Nash is white...and smooth......(not white chocolate of course) about Vanilla Pudding? Spin in the lane and crafty layup on a whole slew of Wizards.

4:51: Finally.....a JaVale McGee dunk....oop from McGuire as the Choppa was running the floor.

Jason Richardson has missed two layups, he's 1-9....and a bunch of the other Suns aren't making shots. Give much credit to the Wiz.....they're not making all the Phoenix attempts as easy as a missed layup.

Just the presence of Shaq is intimidating to all these kids......Nick Young, JaVale McGee....of course, this is probably JaVale's first time on the court with the Daddy.....I can only imagine what it's like to be playing right next to him. (I don't think Nick Young has faced him either)

Butler and Nash trade threes in the final 40 seconds...score tie at 51......and that will do it for the half.

Some points, some dunks, some turnovers.....for both teams.

  • Caron Butler has 19 points, Jamison has 20 (hey, they're both playing well together so far)
  • Shaq has 16 points, Amare has 10 points, 11 boards.
  • Both teams are shooting about 40%.....the Wiz still have a bunch of turnovers (14?)...not the prettiest of games.


9:40: Caron Butler....three point front-runner.....slow start for both teams....only tied at 54.

9:25: Jamison gets Shaq with a good, hard foul.....doesn't let him get a shot off. Shaq is 6-7 from the FT line so far, makes 1....Caron talks in his ear and he makes the 2nd. 8-9, and he missed the very first one he took tonight. 56-54 Suns.

8:52: Stoudemire hoop...I'm not sure why the Suns aren't going to him every time because it seems that Jamison has less of chance against him than Blatche against Shaq -- then again, Shaq is a willing and able passer, Amare....not necessarily so.

6:14: Hey....lookie there, Andray is smart enough to move his feet and draw a charge on an out of control Amare Stoudemire.

5:40: Nash is starting to impose his will....stop on a dime jumper, 67-62 Suns.....12 points, 10 assist for Nash.

5:07: More solid Blatche....he went up with TWO hands and got strong dunk on Louis Amundson. 69-63 Suns. (of course, Andray tries to goose one up against Stoudemire the next time down the court and gets it sent right back to him)

Well, Mike James is not's not like he's trying to gun, but he's 0-3 and the shots just don't look good leaving his hands. Suppose I'd rather play Crittenton or Dixon....I'd like to think that either could do a better job at curtailing Nash on D.

1:59: Damn JaVale......I feel that he'll jump when a player pump fake needed. Fouls Amare...FTs....73-69 Suns.

Crittenton is doing a very commendable job at staying in front of Nash.

0:44: Hey now.....Crittenton with a comfortable jumper after his man doubles Butler in the post. 75-73 Suns.

Jamison is getting frustrated by no calls.....sure, the Wizards suck, but I think his veteran swag has earned enough respect. (AJ has 25 points and 12 rebounds by the way)

End of three.....75-73 Phoenix. Suns are +14 with Shaq, -13 without.


Shaq hammers down on McGee for a deuce. 79-75 Suns.

Seems like O'Neal's mouth-peice is constantly hanging out of his mouth....and it looks like 'Billy-Bob Teeth' too.

8:51: Barbosa with a crafty, wiry baseline reverse layup....he's got 18 points in about 18 minutes.

8:00: Barbosa still killing....doesn't matter who is on him...Crittenton, James, whomever. 21 points, 10 so far in the 4th. Timeout. 87-79 Suns.

Well, here goes the beginning of losing it.....oh well.

7:35: Nick Young too much dribble....bad shot, miss. (McGuire comes in for him at the next dead ball....Butler for Songaila too - join James, Jamison and Blatche)

5:19: Shaq makes a tough hook over Blatche look easy....10 point lead. Yep, that'll do it. 89-79.

4:11: Andray is trying to dribble waaaaay too much against Shaq in the corner. Sh*t kid....if you can't get him with your initial or even 2nd move, give the damn ball up. Andray doesn't.....gets fouled....somehow hurts his knee.....on the floor.....we'll see.....aaaaaand he limps of the court and into the locker room, hopping on one leg. "Great....just effing great"

2:41: McGee gets a nice high offensive board and quickly lays it back in. 95-85 Suns....but like I said, this one is over. I'd say been so since early in the 4th when Barbosa got hot.

Silly Phoenix....they (Shaq and Amare) are dunking and profiling like they're beating a playoff team. That's why I was glad when the Spurs beat their punk asses.......sorry Phoenix, but you are going no where in the year's playoffs.

And that's the game folks. 103-87 Suns.